Lowchen puppies

Lowchen Litter    Birthday: February 12. 2018.

The Lowchen Parents:

Dandy Daisy Warrior Leila

The mother:
Color: Black and Tan
Patella test is OK.
Eyes test is OK.
Born in our house.
She has good proportions and an very elegant appearance. She is a really beautiful Champion show dog. Very friendly and outgoing. Leila very playful with all dogs.
Faraon Lion Exra Namelev

 The father:
 His color:
 Patella test is OK.
 Eyes test is OK.
 Live in Hungary.
Fuhur is from Czeh Republic. Fuhur has champion bloodline. Fuhur is a really beautiful Champion show dog. Fuhur has good proportions and very strong bones. Fuhur friendly and outgoing.

Dear Imola. Thank you for this beautiful Fuhur for mating with Leila.

Beautiful Little Lion Dog puppies / Lowchen puppies
one female and two males


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